Town of Lake Park Public Library

Art Exhibit Policy



To present a variety of exhibitions by local artists, representing a wide range of artistic expression.

-  To assist local artists and/or art groups in becoming known to the public.

-  To promote the Lake Park Public Library as a source of cultural and artistic expression within the community. 


Artists need to complete an application and submit representations of their work to the Library Art Committee.  The Committee reserves the right to select an individual's work to be shown together with works of other artists, or as a one-person show.  

Upon acceptance by the Library Art Committee, the artist(s) will complete an Exhibit Approval Confirmation Agreement. 

Paintings, prints, drawings or photographs must be suitably framed and wired. Large works, quilts, tapestries, murals, etc. need to have frames or attachments that allow them to hang from the pre-installed Arakawa Hanging System. 

The Lake Park Public Library is not responsible for the safety and care of works displayed.  Exhibitors need to provide a list of the titles, size, media and price of the works, plus a contact telephone number, so that appropriate labels can be provided for each item on display.

Exhibitors need to provide advance biographical information, exhibit title and oer necessary information, so that publicity for the exhibit can be prepared.

The Lake Park Public Library invites applications from artists to exhibit in 

1) The Schuyler Gallery/Meeting Room, at the Library.

 The Schuyler Gallery/Meeting Room has a pre-installed hanging system, offering more than 100 feet of track for hanging framed art.  The total space (on three walls and the entrance way) allows 25-45 paintings.

  2) The Library main Reading Room.

 The Library's main reading room offers six walls, ideal for quilts, fabrics, tapestries, murals or other similar, expansive works of art. Each of these walls, up sixteen feet high, offers a space 15' wide by 9' deep, with the pre-installed tracks for hanging art works.


 Exhibit space is available to individuals or/and artist groups by recommendation of the Library Art Committee.  

 Artists may submit applications for the fall/winter schedule by August 15 and the spring/summer schedule by December 15.  

In selecting exhibitors, the Library Art Committee is mindful that all segments of the community and all age groups use the library's facilities.  
Residence in Lake Park (or Palm Beach County) is not required, but may be 
considered in the selection process.


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