Town of Lake Park Public Library

Friends of the Library

About Friends of the Library

The Friends of Lake Park Library was established in 1986.  The primary purpose of the Friends is to promote the library and to raise money for expenses not covered by the Town budget. At that time, the Friends urged the Town Commission to expand the library and increase the annual library budget.

Early fundraising activities assisted the library with its expansion in 1990 and again with the library building project completed in October 2000. Friends have recycled newspapers, sold books at annual book sales and collected Campbell's soup labels to provide computers, computer programs, videos, furniture and other items for the library.

The Friends regularly present programs of interest to residents, hold receptions for local artists whose work is on display in the library gallery. The Friends also also lobby the Palm Beach County Legislative delegation to support issues related to libraries in Florida.

The Friends encourages donations of books for book sales.

Friends of the Library Current Board 2017-18

             President:  Rose Michaud
             Vice President: Diane Bernhard
             Treasurer: Sue Duchene