Town of Lake Park Public Library

Meeting Room Policy

Town of Lake Park Library Policies


Public use of Meeting Room, Computer Lab and Study/Conference Rooms


The primary purpose of the Lake Park Public Library in the Town of Lake Park is to serve as a community resource for learning, studying ,and educational pursuits.  The Rose and Stanley Schuyler Meeting Room, the Mildred B. DeMarco Computer Lab, the George B. Franks Conference Room, and the Study Room are available for the citizens of the community in support of programs and functions that further the goals of the Library.


1.      Permission to use Library rooms may be granted to departments of the Town of Lake Park, and to public and private non-profit organizations for cultural, intellectual, charitable, and educational purposes.

2.      Library rooms may not be utilized for commercial purposes, advertising, solicitation of business, or any for - profit function.  Library rooms may not be reserved for personal functions such as bridal showers or product parties.

3.      Use of the Library’s rooms does not constitute Library or Town of Lake Park endorsement of viewpoints expressed by participants in any program, activity, or event.

4.      Priorities for reserving and using the Rose and Stanley Schuyler Meeting Room, the Mildred B. DeMarco Computer Lab, the George B. Franks Conference Room, and Study Room are in accordance with the service goals of the Library.  Library sponsored programming has precedence over other reservations.

5.      When not reserved for Library sponsored programming, the Library reserves space on a first come, first-served basis.  Library rooms are not scheduled more than nine months in advance, except for groups and organizations using Library facilities for regular monthly meetings.  These groups may schedule one meeting per month for up to one year at a time.  The Library will accept applications on July 1 for the next September-June school year.

6.      Programs scheduled in the Rose and Stanley Schuyler Meeting Room are required to be open to the public at large.  Organizations may arrange to use this room for regularly scheduled meetings, provided membership of the organization is not restricted and the regular meetings are open to the public.

7.      No outside group or organization using Library rooms may charge admission fees, solicit free - will offerings, or present items for sale.  However, groups and organizations may conduct normal membership activities, such as the collection of dues.  Groups supporting programs and services for the benefit of the Library may conduct fundraising activities in the Library’s facilities.

8.      There are no user fees for organizations scheduling functions in the Library.  Programs may be scheduled after normal Library hours, depending on availability of staff to secure the facility when the meeting is finished.  

9.      To ensure availability to the citizens of Lake Park, each individual applying to use library facilities is required to have a Lake Park Library Card. Applications for reserving Library space must be completed and submitted at least seven (7) days in advance of the planned event.  In the event of damage to Library facilities, the person making the reservation will be held responsible for any and all damages that occur.

10.  Groups and organizations are responsible for setting up chairs, tables, equipment, and other furnishings required for their activities.  Users are responsible for restoring the room the room to the way it was originally arranged.

11.   Refreshments, alcoholic beverages and smoking are  not permitted in the Library.  All trash created by the group must be bagged and set in trash containers outside the Library before leaving.

12.  The Library is not responsible for loss or damage to equipment, supplies, or other materials brought to the Library by groups and organizations for their meetings.  No equipment or materials belonging to a group or organization may be stored in the Library.

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